All of the possible plans for Applied Mathematics require some courses taken within the Math Faculty but outside of our department. Based on consultations with the various Undergraduate Officers we have prepared a list of suggested courses.

Combinatorics and optimization

The two introductory courses MATH 239 and C&O 250 introduce combinatorics and optimization, respectively. Near the end of these courses professors will offer suggestions for further study. For students interested in a more challenging versions of these courses, the advanced sections, MATH 249 and C&O 255 are a possibility. Students should speak to the instructor to see if this is a suitable avenue for them to pursue.


After the mandatory second year courses in probability (STATS 230) and statistics (STATS 231) students are encouraged to consider one or more of the third year courses:

  • STATS 331, 332 in statistical theory
  • STATS 333 in probability
  • STATS 341 in computational statistics.

Pure Mathematics

The Honours stream of Pure Mathematics courses follows the Advanced Courses taken as part of the Math faculty core. Students should discuss taking these courses with their Applied Mathematics academic advisor and the Pure Mathematics academic advisor. Popular third year elective courses in Pure Mathematics include:

  • PMATH 336 Introduction to Group Theory with Applications
  • PMATH 365 Introduction to Differential Geometry
  • PMATH 370 Chaos and Fractals

Computer Science

Computer Scince (CS) offers a variety of courses for Math students after the core CS (either CS 116 or CS 136). The "non-major" courses requiring only the Math core and available to Applied Math students are:

  • CS 230 Introduction to Computers and Computer Systems
  • CS 234 Data Types and Structures
  • CS 330 Management Information Systems

Students who took CS 136 for their core CS may also choose either or both of:

  • CS 245 Logic and Computation
  • CS 246 Object-Oriented Software Development

In either case, students may continue with more advanced "non-major"
CS courses:

  • CS 338
  • CS 430
  • CS 432
  • CS 436.

Some "major" CS courses are also open to Applied Math students; these include:

  • CS 467
  • CS 473*
  • CS 475*
  • CS 476*
  • CS 487*

(*= require AMATH242/CS371 first).