Making waves

Thursday, April 22, 2021

“Imagine being out on a lake on a windy day and you’re getting pushed around by waves,” says Marek Stastna, an oceanographer and professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics. “What you may not realize is that in the interior of the ocean, there are waves one hundred times that size. My passion is to create mathematical models of that type of movement.”

From serving as the President of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) to supervising leading-edge studies on waves created by craters on Mars, Stastna has found a supportive environment to conduct research in the Faculty of Mathematics.

“Part of what makes Waterloo Math so special is that it allows you to be who you are,” he affirms. “It’s easy to feel at home in this group of intelligent, passionate, sometimes quirky individuals just like you from all over the world. I couldn’t have imagined a better place to end up.”

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