Forms: Full listing for graduate students, which includes transcript requests, course drop/add, change of supervisor, program change, change of enrolment status, enrolment confirmation requests and all other relevant forms.

These forms require approval signatures. Download, print and complete your form - including all required signatures - before  submitting it to the department's Manager, Graduate Studies.

You will require ADOBE Reader to access and download the PDF files in the list below. Click on the title of the document to access it.

Expense Claim Form

Verification of Illness Form

Verification of Illness Form

Students who are unable to attend labs and examinations or are late with major assignments due to an illness must see a health professional during that illness and submit a Verification of Illness form before accommodation from an instructor and/or the department will be considered.

For more information about verification of illness services, see Campus Wellness.

Promissory Note Form

If you will be receiving financial aid during the term, you may apply it to your account before the Fee Arrangement deadline and pay only the remaining balance.

To do so, you must submit a promissory note. It is your commitment to pay the full amount from your personal resources if the anticipated financial aid is unavailable (for any reason) after the start of the term. 

For more information about promissory notes, see Finance.

Note: Confirmation of program of study/registration, degree completion/graduation, and/or other sources of funding, such as GRS payments, scholarships and awards, must be ordered through the University Graduate Studies Office, Needles Hall Room 2072 by using the Enrolment Confirmation form.