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Undergraduate Research Internship (URI) Program

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What is the Undergraduate Research Internship (URI) Program?

The University of Waterloo established the URI as a funding initiative to encourage faculty members to hire undergraduate students to work on research under their supervision. In addition to promoting on-campus student employment and creating new jobs, the URI program exposes students to the world of research early in their academic careers, ensuring that Waterloo continues to produce the researchers, teachers, innovators and leaders of the future.

Which faculty members qualify?

Waterloo faculty members may take advantage of this program.

Which students qualify?

Canadians, permanent residents and international students (with a valid study permit) registered full time in a co-op or regular undergraduate program at Waterloo may qualify. Students must be in good academic standing and registered Waterloo students in the academic term preceding and following employment.

Which positions qualify?

Students hired as Research Assistants, with a job description clearly identifying the job content as research oriented. Students must work full time (35 hours per week), and complete the required length of a work term. (See Start, End, and Length of a Work Term)

How much funding will the University provide?

  • Students minimum recommended salary should be $8,493.32 per term (or $2,123.33 per month).
  • The employer will receive URI funding support towards the student's pay of $1,600 for the term (or $400 per month). Any funding source that has AFF (Accounting Flex Field) associated with the funding can be used to make up the additional $6,893.32 per term (or $1,723.33 per month).
  • Funds are limited. Typically applications are initially limited to one URI per faculty member. If there are still funds remaining after a few weeks, the program may be opened up to multiple URI’s per faculty member.
  • Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

I would like to hire. What do I need to do?

Please review the application procedure information below:

  1. Gather the appropriate information prior to the URI application date, you will require the following:
    • Supervisor Info (Name, Contact Info)
    • Admin Assistant Info (Name, Contact Info)
    • Job Information (Job Title, Job Description, Start Date, End Date)
    • If Student already hired (Student Name, ID, Program, Work Term #)
  2. Complete the online application form (click Apply Now below).
  3. After completing the online form, you will receive an e-mail advising you that either your URI funding has been conditionally reserved and application was submitted successfully (if there is funding still available) or denied (if there is no funding remaining).
    • Funding will be reserved for a period of three weeks and will only be finalized upon receipt of confirmation that a student has been successfully hired into the role.
  4. The job content will be reviewed by a CEE Student Advisor for job content, hours, and length of work term. You will receive email notification if your application is denied based on the job content.
  5. Optional: If you plan to hire a co-op student for the role, this position will then be posted through WaterlooWorks in continuous round and will follow the normal employment process.
  6. Once all approvals are confirmed, an e-mail will be sent verifying final approval of the URI funding.
    • A separate email with the attached manual forms will no longer be sent out as all URI student hiring is to be done by hiring managers or designate delegates in the hiring departments on campus.
    • Effective Winter term 2019 Human Resources has implemented Workday and all the URI and all the other student hiring is to be done online through Workday. Manual forms are no longer accepted and therefore the URI forms will no longer be used.
    • Please follow the instructions to the URI hiring manual user guide by following this Workday User Guide.

For more information, contact:

Financial Assistant
Co-operative and Experiential Education
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1
Tel: 519-888-4567 x31808

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