Environment Valedictorian Nomination Form

Nominations are invited for the position of Valedictorian for the June 2023 graduating class. Nominations must be submitted by Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 12pm (noon), using this form.

The position of Class Valedictorian is an honoured one, and we urge members of the graduating class to nominate their best qualified colleagues, although self-nominations will also be accepted. The ability to organize and present a speech in a clear and persuasive manner is important, as those nominated will be expected to present a speech (maximum five minutes) to the Selection Committee, and to the graduating class, if selected.

Nominations may be made by any member of the June 2023 graduating class, by completing the form, below. Those being nominated will be contacted to ensure they agree to the nomination. Shortly thereafter, qualified nominees will be notified of the date to present their Valedictory address (normally during the pre-examination study days – April 11-12, 2023) to the Selection Committee (see below).

Depending on the number of nominations received, the nominations may be brought to the graduating class to make a shortlist of candidates. These candidates will then be contacted and notified of the date to present their speech to the Selection Committee, at which time the Valedictorian will be chosen. 

The Selection Committee will be comprised of the Associate Dean - Undergraduate Studies and up to ten members of the graduating class, who have not nominated a Valedictorian candidate. If you are interested in being part of the Valedictorian Selection Committee, please complete the Selection Committee Application Form or contact Dana Elrick by March 22, 2023. If emailing, please include your full name, program and student ID number.

Note: All correspondence will be directed to your University of Waterloo email only.