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General Inquiries

Peter Deadman
Interim Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
(Covering for Simron Singh)
EV1-323, ext. 33404

Shoshannah Holdom
Administrator, Graduate Studies
EV1-335 ext. 36574

Department of Geography

MCC Climate Change

GDIP Climate Risk Management

Teresa Wilson
Graduate Program Administrator
EV1-315, ext. 38539

MA, MES, MSc Geography

PhD Geography

Alan Anthony
Graduate Program Administrator
EV1-123, ext. 32730

School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability

MES Social and Ecological Sustainability

PhD Social and Ecological Sustainability

Sofija Jelacic
Graduate Program Administrator
EV2-2032, ext. 42784

School of Environment, Enterprise and Development

MEB Environment and Business

MDP Development Practice

Marion Brown
Administrative Manager (MEB) (MDP)

MEDI Economic Development and Innovation

MES Sustainability Management

PhD Sustainability Management

Angie Hildebrand
Graduate Program Administrator
EV3-4213, ext. 38189

School of Planning

GDip, MPlan - Planning

MA, MES - Planning

PhD - Planning

Tracey Beirness
Graduate Program Administrator
EV3-3211, ext. 33618

Collaborative programs with The Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA)

MA Global Governance

PhD Global Governance

Andrew Thompson
Program Officer
BSIA 217, (226) 772-3075