Grad send off 2024

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Congratulating our 2024 alumni

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On Friday, April 5, nearly 300 Environment students, faculty, and staff came together at Federation Hall to celebrate the incredible graduating Class of ’24 

Several speakers gave remarks at the event, starting with Bruce Frayne, dean of the Faculty of Environment,who commended students resilience over the course of their time at Waterloo, acknowledging that many navigated personal and academic challenges, in addition to a global pandemic. Bruce shared that students “should be extremely proud” and encouraged them to stay in touch and tap into the power of the University of Waterloo's global alumni network. 

Presidents of the Environment Graduate Student Association (EGSA) and Environment Student Society (ESS), Akash Senthilkumaran and Karen Chen (respectively), raised a toast to graduating students. Both presidents emphasized the palpable excitement in the room, and the pride graduating students sharin achieving this important milestone. The evening was emceed by  Dheana Ramsay, senior alumni advancement officer, who delivered a talk on the benefits of being a Waterloo alumni.

Dean Bruce Frayne with upcoming President of EGSA Avery Sudsbury

Avery Sudsbury, co-op student of the year, with Bruce Frayne, dean of the Faculty of Environment.

 Group of students enjoying food board
Main hall filled with attendees during toast by Karen Chen and Akash Senthilkumaran
Class of ’24 students pose in front of the stage

Graduating students participated in games and activities making new connections as they celebrated the end of their time at Waterloo. During the Geese of a Feather" game, attendees were challenged to find people who shared things in common, like hobbies, and birthdays. The Kahoot game that followed was a Faculty of Environment themed trivia where the newly formed “flocks” got to flaunt their knowledge of the faculty for a chance to win stuffed geese. 

The event concluded with class photos. Environment banners and backdrops were crowded, as groups posed with their friends or favorite faculty and staff. One of the greatest hits of the evening was the Photo Stars photo booth, where students, faculty, and staff lined up to take photos with silly props and a fun background. Photos from Environment Grad Class Send-Off 2024 event are available to view.

Thank you to everyone who attended. We look forward to continuing to celebrating the class of '24 at the upcoming spring and fall convocations.

The inaugural Hub for Sustainability Integration Conference, held on March 22, 2024, marked a significant collaboration between the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) and the Faculty of Environment.

The University of Waterloo's Knowledge Integration (KI) program, celebrating its 15th anniversary, emphasizes solving complex global challenges like climate change and cybersecurity through interdisciplinary collaboration. The program aligns with Waterloo's future vision of integrating different disciplines to address global issues. At the 15th-anniversary event, projects from the Knowledge Integration exhibition (KIX), based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, were showcased.