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Congratulations to Emma Wegener, an MSc student, in Geography and Environmental Management, who was awarded the 2024 Social Impact Award by Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs at this year’s GRADflix. 

Sponsored by GreenHouse, this award commemorates research that can positively impact and make a huge difference to the well-being of people and the environment. Her video submission to GRADflix was titled Peatland wildfires and the global carbon cycle, which used stop-motion in a 60-second clip.

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"I am thrilled to have been awarded the Social Impact Award at Gradflix from GreenHouse," says Emma. "My research focuses on wildfires in boreal North America and their impact on the global carbon budget. I hope that my work can provide a better understanding of climate change and with that a more sustainable future."

Emma is supervised by Dr. Maria Strack. She is a member of the Wetlands Soils and Greenhouse Gas Exchange Lab. She is dedicated to working towards a more sustainable future by using her research to create a far-reaching impact. Apart from her scholarly endeavours, Emma enjoys hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and travelling. 

Prioritizing the Environment in Urban Sustainability Planning: Policies and Practices of Canadian Cities is a timely contribution to the ongoing debate regarding the ways and means to become a sustainable city. The book is co-authored by Dr. Natasha Tang Kai, a PhD graduate from the School of Planning, and Dr. Larry Swatuk, Professor in the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development.