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Congratulations to graduate students in the Wetland Soils and Greenhouse Gas Exchange Lab led by Dr. Maria Strack for receiving first place in their striking peatland chocolate cake portraying a peatland in a state of remaining undisturbed blended with a range of disturbances and restoration methods.

Students in the Biogeochemistry Lab led by Dr. Helen Jarvie and Dr. Merrin Macrae placed second with their cake that illustrated various land uses in the Grand River Watershed.

second place winner

The second place cake baked by students in the Biogeochemistry Lab that illustrated various land uses in the Grand River Watershed.

The Bake Your Research competition was held on January 15 and hosted by the Water Institute, an affiliate research center with the Faculty of Environment, and the Society of the Water Institute Graduate Students (SWIGS).

We are proud to welcome Dr. Denis Aheto as the TD Walter Bean Professor in Environment for 2024. From March 4 to 8, Dr. Aheto will be visiting the Faculty of Environment to meet with students and faculty. He will also deliver two lectures on Africa's Plastic Revolution. We hope you will join us to learn about advancing global solutions for healthy oceans.

Prioritizing the Environment in Urban Sustainability Planning: Policies and Practices of Canadian Cities is a timely contribution to the ongoing debate regarding the ways and means to become a sustainable city. The book is co-authored by Dr. Natasha Tang Kai, a PhD graduate from the School of Planning, and Dr. Larry Swatuk, Professor in the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development.