Games Institute Receives Bronze Green Office Certification

Monday, February 12, 2024
Waterloo members at the Eco Summit

In Spring 2023, the GI staff began the task of turning their office into a green-certified space. Using the Sustainability Office guidelines, the GI qualified for a bronze certificate in a single semester. From small changes like energy-saving power bars to bigger changes like localized garbage bins; the GI made a myriad of effective long-term changes.

An Eco-Summit is held at UWaterloo each year with panels of student involvement in sustainability efforts; faculty representatives introducing sustainable strategies to departments; and staffing directors further illuminating how sustainability can be implemented at all levels of the University. GI Research Communications Coordinator Shae Ashcroft attended the Eco-summit to receive our certificate and returned to the office with more green-forward ideas.

The GI began this project in May, completing a full certification in just six months. With so much progress in such little time, the GI is already on pace for a silver certificate by the next Eco-Summit!