GI Faculty Members are Awarded over $4 Million of Canadian Government Funding

Friday, June 21, 2024

Congratulations to the following GI faculty members who successfully secured over $4 million in government grants for various interdisciplinary research projects! 


  1. Drs. Shana MacDonald (Communication Arts) and Brianna Wiens (English Language and Literature) have been awarded a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant entitled “Developing Scholarly Digital Feminist Networks in Canada: Resources, Toolkits, and Outreach.The project will run for three years and receive $200,000 in funding.  
  2. Dr. Lai-Tze Fan (Sociology and Legal Studies)in collaboration with Project Director Dr. Marcello Vitali Rosati (Université de Montréal) received $2.5 millions of SSHRC Partnership Grant for their project called “Revue3.0: Écrire, Transmettre, Découvrir.” The project aimed to run for seven years. 
  3. Dr. Ben Thompson (Optometry and Vision Science) was awarded $250,000 for an NFRF entitled “From Eye Patches to Robots – Using Socially Interactive Technology to Improve Health Outcomes in Children with Amblyopia.” The length of this project is two years.  
  4. Dr. Randy Harris (English Language and Literature) received an NSERC Discovery Horizon and  $371,580 of awarded funds over five years for the project titled “Rhetorical figures for human-like inductive biased language models.” 
  5. Dr. Shi Cao (Systems Design Engineering) was awarded $215,000 for his NSERC Discovery Gran project titled “Pilot performance assessment using both data-driven and theory-driven computational models.”
  6. Dr. Mark Hancock’s (Management Science and Engineering) NSERC Discovery grant project entitled “Immersive Interactive Technology for Collaborative Computing: Tightly Integrating Digital Technology with Physical Interaction.” was awarded $275,000. 
  7. Dr. Daniel Vogel (Computer Science) received $320,000 for his NSERC Discovery grant called “Developing Highly Skilled Dexterous Interactions.” 
  8. Dr. Cayley MacArthur (Stratford School of Business and Interaction Design) was awarded an NSERC Discovery Launch grant of $12,500 for 1 year as well as $145,000 for an NSERC Discovery rant for 5 years for her project called “Developing Inclusive Virtual Reality Technologies Using Human-Centered and Equitable Measures and Methodologies.