HCI Games Group Members Awards Announcements

Friday, August 11, 2023

Congratulations to Drs. Sebastian Cmentowski and Reza Hadi Mogavi, two post-doctoral fellows from the HCI Games Group, led by Dr. Lennart Nacke (Stratford), for being awarded the Provost’s Program for Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Scholars and the Lupina Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship respectively! Mogavi joins the group as the second postdoctoral fellow to receive the Lupina award in the group after Dr. Eugene Kukshinov won the award in 2022.

As a recipient of the Lupina Foundation, Dr. Mogavi will be working on the ExerGetic project which is designed to promote health and wellbeing for the aging population using mixed reality technologies. This is done through the use of exercise games (exergames). This project is in collaboration with the Active Assisted Living (AAL) Programme.

Dr. Cmentowski is the recipient of the Provost’s Program for Interdisciplinary award. His research focuses on engaging people with exergames to improve their lifestyles and motivate them into exercising more. With the HCI Games Group, he will be working on three projects related to extended reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, specifically focused on using the Exercube. One of these projects is VR Tunnel Locomotion 2.0 which was presented at CHIPLAY 2020, where Sebastian presented the use of a virtual, space-bending tunnel to help augment walking distances in VR games. 

To keep up to date with their research and the work coming out of the HCI Games Group, be sure to check out their website and follow them on X (formerly Twitter).