Introducing the Games and Narrative reading group

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The interdisciplinary Games and Narrative reading group is a newly launched initiative, imagined by Dr. Ken Hirschkop, Professor of English Language and Literature. With Dr. Hirschkop's guidance, graduate students who join the reading group will explore how the fields of Narrative Theory and Game Studies intersect and inform one another.

They will be engaging with a survey of readings, spanning foundational texts to contemporary research and games. When it comes to investigating how Narrative Theory translates to games research, nothing is off the table yet:

  1. How do game timelines function to deliver, or inhibit, narratives?
  2. Why does it seem like the narratives of AAA titles do not deliver at a quality that matches their exceptional game design?
  3. How do we account for player agency when analyzing story development?

To find out more or to join the reading group, contact Dr. Ken Hirschkop.