Two GI teams among finalists at CHI Play 2020 Student Game Design Competition

Friday, September 4, 2020

Two Games Institute teams were selected to be finalists for the CHI Play 2020 Student Game Design Competition. Competing among 8 other teams, Tina Chan and Adam Leung will present Illuminate, and Joseph Tu and Ekaterina Durmanova will present Curioscape.

Cheer them on by attending the Student Game Competition Event ($30 registration fee) scheduled to take place during the virtual CHI Play 2020 proceedings, November 2-4.

Illuminate is a mobile and browser based simulation game for youth to explore management strategies for climate change. As a policy maker, players perform resource management to balance budget and impact of chosen strategies to alleviate the effects of climate change in 3 Canadian contexts. Tina Chan, Public Health alum, is the Artist for Illuminate and Adam Leung, Software Engineer, is the Programmer. The game was developed in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Climate Change Centre and GI members Lillian A. Black and Pamela Maria Schmidt.

Illuminate screenshot

Curioscape is an escape room board game designed to discover if eliminating a rule book is possible in a board game context. Players can start the game without having to learn rules or understand how the game works. Joseph Tu and Ekaterina Durmanova, graduate students in Systems Design Engineering, collaborated on Curioscape as the Game Designers and Researchers.

Curioscape screenshot