Virtually There Summer Contest

Thursday, July 30, 2020


About the Contest

This contest will help the community remember and re-envision the GI physical space while we’re all sadly separated from it. Contest entries will seek to recapture feelings, visuals, or stories about the goingson, memories, or longings for the building we’re locked out of. These can be serious, funny, contemplative, research-amped, meme-y—whatever you want to express.

Submissions are welcome from a number of four major categories, including: words (stories, poems, etc); images (photos with small captions or stories, drawings, paintings, etc.); videos (talking-head vlogs, spoken- word, animations, music slideshow, etc.); and game stuff (designed for, stemming from, or produced-within a game...e.g. The Sims, Animal Crossing, etc).

Contestants will choose the category they believe best fits their submission via Google Forms. Submissions will be anonymized until prizes are awarded.

Submit entries here! Due August 5th


Prizes are awarded from a mix of community voting and randomized selection:

  • Grand Prize - $100 gift card + GI SWAG (randomly selected from all entries)

    All submissions are entered into the grand prize, which is a random draw.

  • Category Prizes - $50 gift card each
    One winner will be randomly selected from each category. Submissions are only entered into the draw of the category to which they submit.

  • Community Voting & Secret Achievements - various
    Flavour-text awards, valued at minimum 10$ gift card each or GI SWAG, these are voted on by the community. Participants can win only one community voted/secret achievement award. Categories will be released both from the GI Staff and be developed by the voters, suggested achievements may include things like “funniest,” “most creative,” “feels,” or “If this was a Myst puzzle, nobody would get past it.”