Accessible workplaces

Being an accessible employer means that you have removed barriers within your employment practices and your workplace culture. It also means that you are inclusive and accommodating of employees and candidates with disabilities.

By adopting accessible recruitment strategies to include talented, qualified co-op students and permanent employees with disabilities, your organization will be better prepared for current and future recruitment challenges.

This page features resources for policy, information, and best accessibility practices from the first job posting to the first day in the workplace and beyond.

Need-to-know information for Ontario-based employers

Are you an employer outside of Ontario?

Think like an accessible employer:

  • Understand that all people experience disabilities differently. Disabilities can be permanent, temporary or suspected/undisclosed.
  • Workplace accommodations vary by an individual's situation. It’s important to learn about accommodations and speak with your employees about what they need to meaningfully participate while respecting the right to privacy. Visit our FAQ page to learn about implementing accommodations for your employees.
    • Speak to your human resources representative for policies and practices already in place in your organization. If you don't have an HR rep, learn how you can create an accessibility plan and policy.

    Already meeting Ontario’s compliance standards?

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