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With an increase in Canadian-made products and more workers reaching age of retirement, the manufacturing industry is poised for immense growth and in need of fresh talent over the next decade. 
As one of Canada’s largest employment sectors, there has never been a more critical time for the industry to fill positions with smart, affordable, future-ready talent.

As Canada’s top-ranked school for engineering, science and mathematics, Waterloo can connect manufacturers to talent with technical expertise for every stage of the manufacturing process. Using Waterloo’s job board, manufacturers can start building their talent pipeline today, filling jobs from the lab, to the line, to the office.

Top reasons to hire from Waterloo 

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Jobs Waterloo co-op students can fill 

Waterloo co-op students can fill positions in manufacturing, data and research, engineering, quality control, operations and more. Learn more about job categories, rolesand the skills they bring to the table.

Tip when posting your job: Employers can use clusters to target students they believe would be best suited for the job. Clusters are sorted into academic (course specific) and thematic (industry specific). Learn more about clusters and how to use them to advertise your job.

Advanced Manufacturing

Sample jobs:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Assistant

  • 3D CAD Modeller

  • Hardware Designer

  • Product Manager

  • Robotics AutomationAssistant

  • Systems Design Intern

Sample job responsibilities:

  • Create, execute and document product verification tests and inspections

  • Liaise with manufacturing subcontractors

  • Assess and improve designs for manufacturability, serviceability and usability

  • Drive engineering initiatives

  • Perform engineering analysis, including tolerance studies, interference and motion checks, etc.

  • Manage mechanical troubleshooting on existing automated systems and devices

  • Optimize efficiencies on design functionality and production

Sample thematic job clusters:
Manufacturing and process engineering
Project and process management
Computing: software
Computing: hardware
Quality assurance and control
Visual and industrial design

Business Administration Support Services

Sample jobs:

  • Human Resources

  • Staff Accountant

  • Business Analyst

  • Marketing Specialist

  • Web Designer

  • Customer Support Liaison

  • Office Administrator

  • Project Management Coordinator

  • Documentation Clerk

  • Financial Analyst

Sample job responsibilities:

  • Create marketing materials

  • Provide customer support (emails, live chat, phone)

  • Perform audits and tests including confirmation of accounts, inventory observation, reconciliation of balances and vetting source documents

  • Provide support to Finance and Accounting department

  • Post, update and remove job ads from job boards, careers pages and social networks

  • Track project schedules, key dates and reporting deadlines

  • Consult with business partners to provide critical data insights

Sample thematic job clusters:
Business administration
Marketing and communications
Sales and business development
Accounting and financial auditing
Finance and investment
Digital graphic media
Human resources
Insurance and risk management

Data Research

Sample jobs:

  • Food Science Intern

  • Business Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Marketing Analyst

  • Research Analyst

  • Policy Analyst

  • Operations Analyst

Sample job responsibilities:

  • Analyze and synthesize data from various sources

  • Perform research, collect statistics and make calculations

  • Develop and deliver effective presentations

  • Identify problems and implement solutions for improvement

  • Identify and evaluate relevant data

Sample thematic job clusters:
Manufacturing and process engineering
Information science
Data analytics, statistical analysis and mathematical optimization
Agricultural science and food processing
Data management


Sample jobs:

  • Process Engineer

  • Manufacturing Engineer

  • Systems Engineer Assistant

  • Plant Engineer

  • Automation Engineer

  • Materials Engineer

  • Environment and Sustainability Engineer

Sample job responsibilities:

  • Assist with floor layouts

  • Process engineering change requests

  • Draft CAD drawings for quotations and file

  • Develop code and scripts for network experiments

  • Monitor process and equipment performance and identify continuous improvement opportunities

  • Assess current processes to improve preventative maintenance schedules

  • Assess environmental impact and sustainable practices in engineering process

Sample thematic job clusters:
Manufacturing and process engineering
Project and process management
Quality assurance and control
Sustainable development

Operations Safety

Sample jobs:

  • Project Management Coordinator

  • Operations Specialist

  • Ergonomics Student

  • Production Control Analyst

  • Continuous Improvement Specialist

  • Supply Chain Management Analyst

  • Junior Health and Safety Officer

Sample job responsibilities:

  • Analyze the operational process for quality and capacity issues

  • Run reports from Health and Safety Incident Management System

  • Monitor industrial hygiene and support safety awareness initiatives

  • Investigate equipment failures

  • Diagnose faulty operations and make recommendations for improvement

  • Assess workstation ergonomics and develop safety and preventative
    health plans

Sample thematic job clusters:
Human factors and ergonomics
Occupational health and safety
Manufacturing and process engineering
Supply chain management and logistics
Project and process management

Quality Analyst/ Quality Control

Sample jobs:

  • QA Analyst

  • Quality Control Technician

  • Process Improvement Coordinator

  • Continuous Improvement Coordinator

  • Food Safety Intern

Sample job responsibilities:

  • Inspect parts and inventory

  • Manage production samples

  • Perform daily line checks and monitor quality control

  • Study high warranty issues and implement counter measures

  • Complete routine checks of lab

  • Organize equipment calibration

  • Maintain records

  • Stock lab supplies

Sample thematic job clusters:
Manufacturing and process engineering
Project and process management
Quality assurance and control
Computing: quality assurance
Agricultural science and food processing

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Industry-leading companies hire co-op students 

Businesses of every size choose to hire from Waterloo. Here’s a small snapshot of organizations our students have made an impact in:

  • Ford Motor Company

  • PepsiCoInc.

  • Tesla Inc.

  • MapleLeafFoods

  • Linamar Corporation

  • Bombardier Inc.

  • Magna International

  • Toyota Canada

  • Nissan Canada

  • ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.

  • Sanofi Pasteur Ltd.

  • Johnson Johnson Inc.

  • Weston Foods Canada

  • Nahanni Steel Products

  • Mondelez International

  • PerkinElmer Inc.

  • NVIDIA Corporation

  • BlackBerry

  • Tigercat International Inc.

  • Delta Elevator Company Ltd.

  • FiberTech Optica Inc.

  • BTNX Inc.

  • Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc.

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Top wage subsidies and tax incentives for hiring co-op

Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) Receive up to $5,000 per co-op student

Through SWPP, organizations in Canada that offer full-time employment opportunities for full-time Canadian post-secondary students can receive wage subsidies. Several partners that deliver this funding for the manufacturing sector include the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium and Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

How much if this funding? Funding will cover up to 50% wage subsidy (up to a maximum of $5,000 per 4-month work term)
  • Organizations within Canada that offer full-time employment opportunities between 8–16 weeks for full-time post-secondary students can receive wage subsidies.
  • Students hired from under-represented groups may be eligible to have up to 70% of their wages subsidized.
  • This is determined on a case-by-case basis at the end of each work term
Am I eligible?
  • Positions must be net new to qualify for SWPP funding (i.e.: positions over and above what employers hired last year at the same time)
  • There is SWPP funding available to employers in all industries.
  • Employers can hire students in any program (i.e., Arts, Business, Science, Engineering, etc.).
  • Students must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents or a person to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for the duration of employment to qualify for funding from SWPP.
  • Post-secondary institutions now qualify for SWPP funding as long as the experience is a quality work-integrated learning opportunity that's linked to the student's program of study and career goals. This also applies to research positions.
  • Provincial and territorial governments are NOT eligible for SWPP funding.
How can I apply? You apply directly to each funding partner. We've put together a helpful list of details for all of the funding partners. Take a look for more details!
What's the application deadline? Applications are open! Deadlines vary by funding partner.

Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit $3,000 tax credit per co-op student

Other provincial-based tax credits and incentives are available based on region.

How much is this funding?

Large corporations can claim 25% of expenditures, up to $3,000, while small businesses can claim 30% of expenditures up to $3,000, per eligible work placement. This tax credit is available for each work placement. Each work placement needs to be a minimum of 10 weeks and maximum of 4 months with no cap on the amount of eligible work placements an employer submits.

Employers may have multiple work placements which take place at the same time and throughout the year (I.e. iIf an organization decides to hire for an eight-month work term, or two students for four-month work terms, both would be considered as two work placements and would be eligible for a total tax credit of up to $6,000).

Am I eligible? Any Ontario employer hiring students from a post-secondary co-op programis eligible.
How can I apply? Corporations claim the tax credit on Schedule 550 of their T2 corporation income tax return. Unincorporated businesses claim the credit on Form ON479 in their tax return.Learn more about the forms you need to submit on the government website.

What's the application deadline?

Tax season each year.

A tip to maximize your funding

Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) funding can be combined with the Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit. This means that you might be eligible to receive both types of funding.

For example: for each student you hire, you could receive up to $5,000 in SWPP funding plus an Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit of up to $3,000 in expenditures not covered by SWPP!

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By: Namish Modi

Nissan embraces first-term Waterloo co-op students because they bring novel ideas to the organization while generally not exhibiting any pre-conceived biases.