Hire Kinesiology

Hire Waterloo Kinesiology students to move your workplace in the right direction.

Kinesiology students hold a common goal of optimizing health, using their understanding of the human body and movement to prevent illness and injury. Let them be active contributors to improving health and wellness in your organization.

Whether you're looking to advance human factors research, improve organizational health and safety or to enhance occupational therapy and wellness programming, Waterloo Kinesiology students know the ins and outs of humans in the workplace.

Who's thinking about organizational health and wellness in your workplace?

Kinesiology students learn the scientific study of human movement with the goal of optimizing health and preventing illness and injury. Through their training in ergonomics as well as health and safety best practices, Kinesiology students can assess and prescribe solutions to minimize the risk of injury from organizational, physical and cognitive strains in the workplace.

Some examples of these strains include:

  • Human-machine interaction
  • Fatigue
  • Repetitive strain
  • Environmental factors
  • Equipment design

Kinesiology students at work:

Waterloo Kinesiology students can provide diverse expertise in your organization. Below are just some of the roles our students have filled.

Ergonomics Specialist 

Rehabilitation Assistant

Human Factors Assistant Occupational Therapist Assistant
Clinical Assistant Health and Wellness Co-ordinator

Health and Safety Assistant

Occupational Safety Inspector

Fitness Manager Exercise Physiologist

Kinesiology students make an impact in the workplace:

Mack Gingerich

Kinesiology student bends over backward for manufacturing safety

In his first co-op work term at Linamar, Mack Gingerich conducted ergonomic tests on new production lines being built in the factory. His role was to identify changes that would increase the efficiency, comfort, and safety of workers...read more.


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