Deloitte offering cyber security course to Waterloo students

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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By: Namish Modi

As COVID-19 continues, the importance of digital literacy grows for University of Waterloo students.

As a result, Deloitte, one of the biggest financial auditing organizations in Canada, joins other local companies in offering digital fundamentals courses.

Deloitte’s cybersecurity course, which launched on January 18, builds students’ awareness of current cyber terminology and understanding of the potential implementation of solutions an organization uses to address its cyber risks. It also informs students of career opportunities in the cyber world.

With the current state of the world, the powers and pitfalls of technology are magnified. Digital skills and savviness are vital as companies of all sizes recalibrate strategies, people and operations.

Cybersecurity becomes even more important in this digital interconnected, global economy,” says Deloitte cyber partner, Daphne Lucas (MMath’ 04). “Cyber is primed for shifting mindsets from being constrained by cybersecurity risks to being able to perform better, solve complex problems and manage cyber everywhere so a company can go anywhere.”

Alejandro Campos, Deloitte cyber partner and University Alliances leader, hopes students, through the course, will be prepared to:

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Feel confident as part of the workforce of the future. Students can walk into the tech sector with real-world industry knowledge.

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Find their true purpose as students may be surprised at the transferrable skills & specializations in a cyber career.

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Achieve their aspiration and gain knowledge and skills in the field of cybersecurity. This can help students stand apart when applying for jobs.


At a time of enormous global transformation, Deloitte wants to ensure people take care of each other and reshape wellness in lives and communities in a reimagined world.

That includes actively developing future leaders, like students and alumni from Waterloo.

“Co-op programs and learning on the job are engrained in Deloitte’s culture,” says Roxana Greszta (BArts’ 05), Deloitte’s global risk advisory’s chief learning officer. “We value the contributions made from the learning process and in any of the work performed by students. Curious minds often create the best experience for our students, professionals, clients and society.

Greszta adds that Deloitte is honoured to partner with Waterloo in providing learnings that they “truly hope accelerate the knowledge and opportunity for students and alumni to be more cyber aware and prepared as the leaders of in the workforce of the future.”

Deloitte serves four of five Fortune Global 500 companies through a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries and territories. The organization brings world-class capabilities and service to address complex business challenges.

Waterloo's digital fundamental courses

In response to the global pandemic and a digital learning landscape, Waterloo offers several courses to its students, which aim to make them an asset to current and prospective employers.

The current courses introduce students to the concept of digital marketing, web design, problem-solving, sales skills, video marketing and e-commerce.  Each course is designed to assist Waterloo’s valued employers in the shift to a virtual platform.

Co-operative and Experiential Education recommends students take the courses as part of Waterloo’s new Future Ready Talent Framework to allow students to develop skills in web development, video and digital marketing and problem analysis.