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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
by Krista Henry

Illustration of math student skillsEvery single profession needs mathematics because it all starts with math. Mathematical applications build and enhance science, business, finance, tech, manufacturing, communications and engineering.

For the business, tech and big data industries the demand for math continues to increase. There is a 30% growth in demand for mathematicians and statisticians until 2028.

With the #1 Math and Computer science programs in Canada at the University of Waterloo, we have talent ready to tackle your challenges.

Our co-op students can support your business in a variety of ways. Here are the top skills and capabilities of Math students and how can you use them in your business:

1) Creative problem solving

Math talent can handle difficult situations and complex business challenges. They provide research to support new ideas, distinguish between effective and ineffective solutions and simplify complex information.

Roles to consider: Research Analyst, Statistician, Portfolio Analyst, e-Commerce Platform Developer, Growth and Strategy analyst, Quality Assurance Specialist, Transportation Logistics Specialist.

2) Strong technical knowledge

Improving efficiency requires managing computer systems, complex spreadsheets and digital project management tools.

Math talent can design, develop and test software in accordance with industry standards. Their tech expertise is invaluable in cybersecurity, mobile app development, artificial intelligence and meeting customer needs.

Roles to consider: Mobile App Developer, Video Game Designer, Web Developer, Cybersecurity Specialist, UX/UI designer, Systems Administrator

3) Financial and business acumen

Strategies for investments and managing money is the difference between success and failure. Math talent manage financial records, optimize internal processes and provide necessary documentation to outside parties.

Roles to consider: Financial Auditor, Business Development Officer, Financial and Investment Analyst, Actuarial Analyst, Accountant, Equity Research Officer.

4) Data literacy

Data can improve the customer experience, better manage workforces and derive meaningful insights. Using artificial intelligence to handle big data, there are endless possibilities and countless applications such as:

  • Mathematical modelling: Predict events and patterns based on data. Businesses need modelling of revenue and growth rates to launch new products, change strategies, invest and expand projects. Modelling provides tools to understand and track the spread of COVID-19. It creates weather forecasts and helps to prepare for natural disasters.
  • Business algorithms: Make decisions within a fraction of a second through data analysis. Stock trading, digital advertising, COVID-19 contact tracing and customer experience all use algorithms. Netflix and Instacart use algorithms to predict interests based on your previous decisions.

Roles to consider: Data Scientist, Quantitative Risk Modeler, Portfolio Analyst, Supply Chain Optimization Analyst, Biostatistician, AI Engineer, Digital Marketer, Data Engineer.

5) Global language

All cultures, countries and languages understand math. Equations, proofs, theorems and complicated mathematical problems use the universal language of math. Math talent can communicate with international peers to solve today and tomorrow’s complex global issues.

No matter what your needs are, it all starts with math. Hiring a Waterloo Math co-op student is a direct line to future-ready talent!

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