Real experiences with Arts co-op students and employers

Three female employees sitting at a large desk with a laptop

Nurturing Arts co-op students as HR professionals of tomorrow

Arts co-op students are helping to create change in human resource (HR) roles by promoting inclusion and belonging, developing positive business cultures and improving employer branding.

University of Waterloo co-op students at Hubhead taking a group photo

Software solutions provider is a ‘hub’ of student retention

Talent development is part of the secret to success at Hubhead Corporation. The multi-national organization is utilizing student talent for fresh perspectives and to build their talent pipeline.


Little girl smiling and waving at webcam with U+ Education logo

Online language teaching organization learns about the value of hiring co-op student talent

Using passion and creativity, Waterloo Arts co-op students are making an impact when it comes to helping children learning languages at U+ Education.

Team of young professionals high-fiving

Waterloo Arts students can provide the top skills you need at your workplace

In a digitized world, organizations need the skills and experiences of entry level candidates, including co-op students, more than ever.


Diverse group of employees at a non-profit sitting in a group smiling, while looking at a project

Generation Z make real social impact through diversity and talent

As the most diverse generation to hit the workforce, Generation Z’s impact on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) will be instrumental to non-profit organizations serving the needs of local communities.

Photo of apple trees at an apple orchard

Co-op students help craft a post-pandemic future for local Cider brewers

The COVID-19 pandemic posed serious challenges to small businesses—especially the hospitality industry. For a local small business, University of Waterloo co-op students have been key to its recovery.


Group of employees sitting at a table with laptops and notebooks for a meeting

Emerging health care trends as the industry faces continued disruption

The rapid growth in healthcare and its social assistance ecosystem will propel the need for new talent in the sector. A need that can be supported with early talent like co-op students.

Students making a purchase online via laptop using a credit card

Gen Z talent is shaping the future of e-commerce in a time of digital acceleration

With an estimated buying power of $44 billion, Generation Z is shaking up the retail industry as both consumers and employees.

University of Waterloo co-op student demonstrating how to wakeboard to campers at Muskoka Woods

Camp co-op an ideal fit for first-term work students

Working at a camp provides a unique opportunity for students to live on-site and gain valuable experience for their future.

Nissan helps University of Waterloo co-op students to expand their scope and experience

First-term Waterloo students bring unique skill set and drive to Nissan

Nissan embraces first-term Waterloo co-op students because they bring novel ideas to the organization while generally not exhibiting any pre-conceived biases.

 FullSoul co-op students from University of Waterloo, and staff looking up in forest

Early talent at the helm of international development

As the world faces the on-going impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, up to 150 million people will be pushed further into poverty this year. With lockdown measures and border restrictions, non-profits have adapted to offer support remotely and need the skills of digitally-savvy emerging talent to assist.

Mumbai, India at night verses San Jose, California during the day

Waterloo student works from home in India, for company 13,000 km away

For most people, working through the night to earn a co-op credit sounds like a challenge. But second-year Waterloo Arts and Business student, Sharanya Karkera, says it has been an exciting opportunity.


Vanessa Vanpopic and two of her colleagues meeting during her work term at Toyota

Emerging talent brings transformative, future-proof skills into human resources realm

An entrepreneurial spirit, inquisitiveness and a knack for problem-solving are just some of the skills Waterloo Arts students have that make them attractive to the human resources team at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC).

Communitech sign on building
Small business transformation through digital acceleration

Small-and-medium-sized businesses reap the benefits of digital transformation from tech-savvy young talent. Through the Digital Main Street program, students assist businesses with digital tools to help them transform.

Applyboard co-op students wearing ApplyBoard t-shirts

Waterloo Arts students bring a difference-making advantage to ApplyBoard

The wide range of opportunities Waterloo Arts students tackle throughout their studies and co-op work terms allows them to shine in a complex, dynamic workforce like tech company ApplyBoard.


ISED co-op students sitting at board room table

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada values professionalism in Waterloo Arts students

Working in the public sector requires a diverse set of skills. Recruiters from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) are looking for that dynamic set of skills in their next hires.

interns working at loblaw

Innovation, critical thinking key for Waterloo Arts students at Loblaw

In a time when innovation is critical, Waterloo Arts students are using imagination, intuition and unique thinking to make a significant contribution at Loblaw Companies Ltd. Arts students work in a variety of roles at Loblaw, and are key for transforming ideas into action.


Waterloo Arts co-op student team at Remitbee sitting in an open field

Waterloo Arts students bring new ideas to Remitbee’s digital platforms

Pratheepan Yoga, co-founder of Remitbee, dives into his experience working with Arts co-op students and how funding from the Student Work Placement Program through TECHNATION helped double the number of students his organization was able to hire.

Blackberry Co-op Students

Recruiting from down the street: Arts students excel in Waterloo-born tech organization BlackBerry

Maddie Whibbs, Talent Acquisition Lead at BlackBerry talks about how despite being a tech company, Arts students are a fantastic fit at BlackBerry because of their ability to communicate, be adaptable and display flexibility.


PointClickCare office

‘Thriving in ambiguity’: How PointClickCare leverages Arts co‐op students to grow their business.

Waterloo Arts co‐op students are standout employees who make a significant impact at electronic health record technology company, PointClickCare, which provides software solutions to long‐term care and senior living facilities.