Your Davis Library renovation questions answered

Where is my favourite study room?

We heard from you that is was extremely important to make the washrooms more functional and accessible, which required some extra space. We are improving the remaining single study rooms to make them more accessible and pleasing. More group study rooms are currently being built at Dana Porter Library, with plans to add more group and single study rooms at Davis in the future.

Where did the IST Help Desk, printers, photocopiers, and scanners go?

The current photocopier location is an ideal location for a comfortable and inviting lounge area. Learn more about this new student space below!

All of this technology is moving further into the library, with a glass partition to reduce noise in study areas. IST staff have a new Help Desk closer to this equipment and with more space to help our users.

Where are the carrels that were in the new printer/photocopier space?

These carrels have been relocated throughout the library, mostly in the Reference area, which is now much smaller after a collection review.

What is going in the lounge area?

This new space just inside the library entrance will allow students to browse our Waterloo Reads collection, New Books and Journals, or quietly read and relax in comfortable chairs and bench seating. Get a sneak peek at the new furniture!

What’s up with the WiFi?

Information Systems and Technology (IST) did an assessment of the coverage and capacity of wireless service on both levels of the Davis Centre Library.  No signal gaps were found, however new access points have been deployed to boost 5Ghz coverage.

Still have issues with WiFi? Let us know exactly where and when, and we’ll work with IST to try and improve it.