The list below contains some PDF files that will require the ADOBE Reader to access and download.

As these require approval signatures, all forms listed here must be downloaded (printed), completed fully, and submitted to the department coordinator for graduate studies

Management Sciences Forms

Cooperative Education in Management Sciences graduate studies Application package

Coop work report confidentiality agreement form

Coop Sequence Change Form & Instruction

Management Sciences Course Exemption Request Form

Elective Course Pre-Approval Form

Student activity report

Teaching assistantship application (online)

  • Fall teaching assistant application
  • Winter teaching assistant application
  • Spring teaching assistant application

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) forms

    Change of enrolment status

    • Complete this form if you are changing your enrolment status (full-time/part-time, inactive, etc.) or are voluntarily withdrawing from your program. 

    Change of program request form

    • If you intend to change programs (MMSc to MASc, full-time to part-time, etc.), this form needs to be completed and approved by the department chair for graduate studies.

    Change of supervisor form

    • Complete this form if you need to change your supervisor mid-way through your program. 

    Drop/add form

    This form must be completed when graduate students are:

    • Enrolling for undergraduate courses

    • Taking courses as audits or extra to their degree

    • Adding, dropping or making course designation changes after the drop/add deadline published on Quest*

    • Each drop/add form must be approved by the department associate chair for graduate studies

    *Beginning in winter 2018, ENG students will need a doctor’s note for the following requests if illness is the reason for the change/exception:

    • Course drops after week four

    • Course change to audit after week four

    Intent to Graduate Form

    Intent to Graduate form is no longer applicable. Students are required to Apply for Graduation directly in quest in their final term of study.

    Request to restrict circulation of thesis

    • This form must be fully approved and submitted to the Graduate Studies Office before any restrictions will be applied to the circulation of the thesis at least one week prior to the submission of the thesis for examination. 

    Supervisor replacement form

    • If your supervisor is unable to attend the defence, submit this form to your department coordinator
    • The form must be completed/approved before setting up the defence

    Engineering Graduate Studies Office (EGSO) forms

    NEW Online Program Time Limit Extension

    • Students who have reached the maximum time allowed for their program must submit this online form to petition for an extension of their program time limits.

    PhD comprehensive examination time limit extension request

    • Use this form to request a one-term extension beyond the deadline for your comprehensive examination. Forms should be submitted by your departmental deadline in the term prior to the term you require an extension. NOTE: failure to submit an extension by your departmental deadline may result in you being required to withdraw.

    Other university forms

    Verification of Illness Form (VIF)