Teaching assistantships in Management Sciences

Applying for a teaching assistantship (TA) position

Before applying, please read information below thoroughly. It is your responsibility to ensure you understand the responsibilities and time commitment of a teaching assistant. See below for application deadlines.

Within the Department of Management Sciences the teaching assistantship is not an award but an employment assignment where the applicant's relevant academic background and communication skills are primary considerations. There is no guarantee that an applicant will receive a teaching assistantship. 

Your application is for a teaching assistantship and not for a specific course's teaching assistant position.  If you receive a teaching assignment, your assignment to a course will be based on the needs of the department and your capabilities. This application provides you a means to provide your course preferences, but ultimately, TA positions are awarded based on many factors:

  • the course instructor rankings of applicants
  • the teaching support needs within the department and actual enrolment numbers
  • the applicant's preferred courses
  • the applicant's verbal communication skills (delivery of tutorials requires good verbal skills)
  • the qualifications and suitability of applicant
  • satisfactory completion of the two-day ExpecTAtions workshop
  • consultation with applicant's supervisor (if applicable) and department graduate coordinator

Requirements of teaching assistants in Management Sciences

There are several requirements that must be met by a student to qualify for employment as a teaching assistant:

  • It is a requirement of the Faculty of Engineering that only those students who have successfully completed the two-day workshop, ExpecTAtions, are eligible to hold a TA.
  • Teaching assistants must be currently enrolled as students.
  • Teaching assistants must be fully available for their assigned course:
    • At a minimum, the TA must be available during times scheduled for the course's tutorial and labs.   Some instructors may need a TA available during lectures for in class exams, etc.
    • You must be available to proctor the final exam.
    • As a TA, you must be available from the first day of the first month of the term until the last day of the last month of the term. Note that the end of the term extends past final exams. You may not leave early for vacation at the end of the term without permission of the instructor.
  • Students should not have any outstanding English Language Proficiency requirements as part of their conditions of admission for their graduate studies program.
  • A full-time registered graduate student is not permitted to be employed by the University of Waterloo for more than an average of (10) ten hours per week per term.
  • International students must have a valid study permit.  You must ensure that the study permit has not expired or will not expire during the period of the teaching assistantship.  Please see GSPA's update your immigration status website for more information regarding renewal of study permits or immigration status changes.

If you are a new student you may wish to consider your first TA experience in your second or third term rather than in your first term when you are adjusting to the academic workload of graduate level courses under the time commitment required of a teaching assistant. 

As a teaching assistant, you would be required to be available during the following timelines: 

Teaching assistantship time commitment term by term.
Term Application period TA time commitment required - 130/hrs (one full)
Winter November January 1st - April 30th
Spring March May 1st - August 30th
Fall July September 1st - December 30th

Your exact duties will be assigned to you by the faculty member instructing the course. They may include marking and delivering tutorials for undergraduate or graduate courses. It is expected that your responsibilities and preparation for these duties would require an estimated 130 hours for the duration of the four months of the term. Make sure you check the university course schedules to ensure your availability for this commitment.

(Also see Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs awards and funding page for further details on graduate teaching assistantships)

How to apply

  1. Complete the ExpecTAtions two day workshop offered by the Faculty of Engineering in the spring or fall terms. 
  2. Carefully review the term courses.
  3. Apply online

After the application period is closed the department will review all applications and successful candidates will be notified by the department via email