Academic Advisors and Wellness Supports

Within the Faculty of Engineering, access to advisors is faculty-wide in your first year (1A/1B) and then program-specific from second year (2A+) and beyond.

First-year students can contact: Faculty of Engineering First-year academic advisors.

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering academic advisors for second-year (2A+) and higher students are found on these pages: Mechanical and Mechatronics

Academic issues can sometimes be mixed up with personal struggles and difficulties (relationship issues, death in the family, mental health difficulties, etc.). Whatever the situation, students are encouraged to connect with the Engineering Counselling team and the University of Waterloo Campus Wellness department. Students can also connect with the MME Student Wellness Coordinator if they are unsure of which support services would assist them best.

For emergencies, these resources are all available by telephone, in some cases 24 hours a day.