Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Khor wins award

Fiona Khor, a M.S. student from the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo, was awarded the Rod Herriott Best Poster Presentation Award.

The Injury Biomechanics Symposium aims to stimulate and reward strong injury biomechanics research among students and recent graduates.

Each year, the Symposium provides a welcoming atmosphere where novice researchers receive feedback and support for their original work. The Symposium is a one of a kind event where research trainees can develop their presentation skills in a non-threating environment. It brings together students and industry members, providing opportunities for networking. This allows young researchers to form connections that have both immediate and long-term impacts on their academic and professional careers. These opportunities also provide industry members with a first look at up-and-coming researchers in the injury biomechanics field.

This year, there was 120 attendees including 30 student presenters from 13 universities: Duke University, Imperial College London, Iowa State University, Loughborough University, SUNY Buffalo, The Ohio State University, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Louisville, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, University of Waterloo, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest University. Guest speakers for the event included Dr. Jeff Crandall from the University of Virginia, as well as Dr. Duane Cronin from the Impact Mechanics and Material Characterization group from the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Fiona Khor, a M.S. student from the University of Waterloo, was awarded the Rod Herriott Best Poster Presentation Award, presented by TRC, for her project: Hard Tissue Failure of an Aged Lower Cervical Spine Segment Model in Compression Loading with Anterior-Posterior Eccentricity. 

14th Annual Injury Biomechanics Symposium 14th Annual Injury Biomechanics Symposium


From the 2018 student presenters, Toyota CSRC, and TRC Representatives:

"I enjoyed listening to other
presentations and learning about
the current and upcoming
research work that are being
done in the injury biomechanics

"I really enjoyed the atmosphere
and the variety of people that
were present at the conference.
I felt that it was very welcoming
for every student who presented
their research"

"[The Symposium] provides a great
environment for trainees like myself
to easily talk to experts in the field of
injury biomechanics and even
bounce ideas off of them! I am truly
appreciative of the opportunity I
was given to discuss ideas with
fellow researchers, as well as gain
insight into different types of
potential careers in industry"

"It was very beneficial to present
research in an environment where
everyone was familiar with the work.
It allowed for very constructive
conversations during the poster
sessions. I was able to get helpful
advice from professionals regarding
possible future steps for my work"

A link to the abstract of Fiona Khor's presentation can be found here a link to her poster can be found here.

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