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Professor, PEng

Contact InformationZhongchao Tan

Phone: 519-888-4567 x38718
Location: E3 3154
Fax: (519) 885-5862
Cross-appointments: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Biography Summary

Zhongchao Tan is a Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Professor, with cross appointments in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Professor Tan is also the Director of the Air Pollution Research and Innovation Laboratory (APRIL). His research interests involve clean air technology, indoor air quality, aerosol science and nanosafety, and biofuels. He has been awarded 2 international patents in clean air technology and is now working on filtration aiming at nanosized particles in the air with his research group. Professor Tan and his graduate students are also developing a novel process for the simultaneous removal of nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide from stationary emission sources.  

Professor Tan is also an expert in instrumentation for airborne nanoparticle measurement. He has been developing a cost-effective technology to directly measure the number distribution of airborne nanoparticles by diffusive charging and aerodynamic focusing. The newly improved prototype could reach down to 40 nm. He also has developed a portable PM2.5 monitoring technology and device. Additionally, Professor Tan’s research group is investigating the mechanisms of the separation of nanoparticles from air.

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Research Interests

  • Alternative fuels
  • Energy harvesting/bio-energy
  • Power systems
  • Renewable energy
  • Nano-instrumentation
  • Value-added recovery


  • PhD (Illinois)
  • MSc (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
  • BSc (Tsinghua University, Beijing)


  • MTE 201 - Experimental Measurement & Statistical Analysis
  • ME 212 - Dynamics
  • ME 571 - Air Pollution

Selected/Recent Publications

  • SultanZ.*,Tan Z., 2015. Impact of Residention Building Regulations on Reducing Indoor Exposures to Outdoor PM2.5 in Toronto Building and Environment 89: 336-344.
  • Givehchi R., Li Q., Tan Z.*2015. The effect of electrostatic forces on filtration efficiency of franular filters. Powder Technology 277(2015) 135-140.
  • Givehchi R., Tan Z.*2015, The Effect of Capillary Force on Airborne Nanoparticle Filtration. Journal of Aerosol Science 83: 12-24.
  • Tan Z.*, Givehchi R., Saprykina A. 2/2015. Submicron particle sizing by aerodynamic dynamic focusing and electrical charge measurement. Particuology 18: 105-111 (DOI information: 10.1016/j.partic.2014.01.002).
  • Ji Y.*, Zhan G., Tan Z.*,Hu Y., Gao F., 2015. Process control of reinforcement corrosion in concrete. Part 1: Effect of corrosion products. Construction and Building Materials 79: 214-222.

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