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Program overview

The first three years of the Mechatronics Engineering program consist primarily of "core" courses that must be taken by all students. Non-technical or "complementary studies" elective courses (CSEs) are distributed throughout the program to give academic breadth; however, elective courses are not included every term. In the final year, five technical electives (TE) are scheduled. These five courses must be chosen from a list of approved courses, and this enables the student to focus on a particular Mechatronics area of interest.

First-Year Courses

The first year concentrates on basic mathematics, physics, computation and electronics. Course MTE100 - Mechatronics Engineering - introduces students to the engineering profession and teaches many basic engineering skills through a unique robotics design project.

Term Course and Title
1A (Fall) CHE 102 Chemistry for Engineers
  GENE 121 Digital Computation
  MATH 115 Linear Algebra for Engineering
  MATH 116 Calculus 1 for Engineering
  MTE 100 Mechatronics Engineering
1B (Spring) MATH 118 Calculus 2 For Engineering
  MTE 100B Seminar
  MTE 111 Structure and Properties of Materials
  MTE 119 Statics
  MTE 120 Circuits
  MTE 140 Algorithms and Data Structures

Second-Year & Third-Year Courses

Second and third-year courses go more deeply into Mechatronics Engineering, and include topics such as electromechanical devices, kinematics and dynamics of machines, computer interfacing, real-time operating systems, electromechanical machine design, and control systems.

Term Course and Title
2A (Winter) MTE 200A Seminar
  MTE 201 Experimental Measurement and Statistical Analysis
  MTE 202 Ordinary Differential Equations
  MTE 219 Mechanics of Deformable Solids
  MTE 262 Introduction to Microprocessors and Digital Logic
  SYDE 182 Physics 2 (Dynamics)
  CSE - Complementary Studies Elective
2B (Fall) MTE 200B Seminar
  MTE 203 Advanced Calculus
  MTE 204 Numerical Methods
  MTE 220 Sensors and Instrumentation
  MTE 241 Introduction to Computer Structures and Real-Time Systems
  SYDE 252 Linear Systems and Signals
  WKRPT 200 Work-term Report
3A (Spring) ECE 309 Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
  MTE 325 Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing for Mechatronics Engineering
  ME 321 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines
  MTE 300A Seminar
  MTE 320 Actuators and Power Electronics
  SYDE 351 Systems Models 1
  WKRPT 300 Work-term Report
3B (Winter) ME 351 Fluid Mechanics 1
  MTE 300B Seminar
  MTE 322 Electromechanical Machine Design
  MTE 360 Automatic Control Systems
  MTE 380 Mechatronics Engineering Design Workshop
  MSCI 261 Engineering Economics: Financial Management for Engineers
  CSE - Complementary Studies Elective

Fourth-Year Courses

In the final year, students undertake a two-term project involving the design and construction of a Mechatronic system. The project is undertaken in groups and the project topic can either be proposed by the students or be selected from a list of suggested projects.

Students are also required to choose a set of five high-level technical electives (TE) courses. These courses are offered by the three departments (MME, ECE and SYDE) and are also available to non-Mechatronics students with the appropriate prerequisite courses.

Recommended TE Groupings

Term Course and Title
4A (Fall) ECE 484 Digital Control Applications
  MTE 400A Seminar
  MTE 481 Mechatronics Engineering Design Project
  TE - Technical Elective
  TE - Technical Elective
  CSE - Complementary Studies Elective
  WKRPT 400 Work-term Report
4B (Winter) MTE 400B Seminar
  MTE 482 Mechatronics Engineering Project
  TE - Technical Elective
  TE - Technical Elective
  TE - Technical Elective
  CSE - Complementary Studies Elective