Welding and Joining Specialization

Welding and joining processes are used to fabricate almost all manufactured products. The development of new automated manufacturing methods has made welding more important than ever before.

The courses in this specialization are intended to prepare Mechanical Engineering students to work in all areas related to welding and joining, including welding and joining processes (including robotic welding), welding metallurgy, and welding design and fabrication and quality control.

This elective includes the following 5 courses with one optional course:welding.

  • ME 435 - Industrial Metallurgy
  • ME 436 - Welding and Joining Processes
  • ME 526 - Fatigue and Fracture Analysis
  • ME 535 - Welding Metallurgy
  • ME 538 - Welding Design, Fabrication and Quality Control


  • ME  547 - Robotics Manipulators: Kinematics, Dynamics, Control

The specialization is the only one of its type in Canada and compares well with programs in Europe and the US. Students who select a defined set of 4th year technical elective courses in the Welding and Joining Specialization are awarded a Certificate of completion of the Welding and Joining Specialization.

The first graduates of the Welding & Joining Specialization convocated in May 1999. Since then, more than 200 students have followed. Most now have welding & joining-related jobs, or remain to do postgraduate degrees on welding and joining research.

For more information, please contact the Welding and Joining Specialization Coordinator, Professor Elliot Biro

Registration for the Welding and Joining Specialization

To enroll in this specialization, complete a Plan Modification form and submit it to the MME Academic Advisor (E7-3336) before your 4A ME term. Please note:

Only students registered in the Welding and Joining Specialization will be eligible to apply for the Canadian Welding Board Scholarships, valued at $5000 each. From 2018, a second annual $5000 award is being offered to the top female in this specialization.

ME 436 is capped at 28 students and that first priority will be given to those registered in the Welding & Joining Specialization. Therefore, you may wish to register before your 1st QUEST appointment time for selecting your 4A technical elective courses.

Industrial support for the Welding and Joining Specialization

The Welding and Joining Specialization at Waterloo has been strongly supported by a number of Canadian companies. Initial funding for the Welding and Joining Specialization was from donations by the following founding corporate partners and organizations:

  • Alcan International Ltd.
  • John Deere Ltd.
  • Air Liquide Canada Ltd.
  • Centreline (Windsor) Ltd.
  • Associated Tube Industries
  • Magna International Inc.
  • Ventra Group Inc.
  • Babcock & Wilcox Ltd.
  • Panasonic Canada, Inc.
  • The Nickel Development Institute

Additional funding has been received from:

  • Budd Canada Inc.
  • TRW Canada Ltd.
  • Tregaskiss Ltd.
  • Huys Industries Ltd.

These and other companies continue to support the Welding and Joining Specialization in many ways including:

  • Loans of welding equipment
  • Donations of materials and welding specimens
  • Hosting of plant tours
  • Providing guest lectures on industry specific topics
  • Providing scholarships for students enrolled in the Specialization
  • Hiring co-op work-term students and full time graduates from the Specialization