Master of Engineering (MEng) Students

Degree requirements

  • Eight, one-term Engineering graduate level courses (or courses acceptable for graduate credit)
    • Four of the eight courses must be from the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Department
    • Two out of the eight one-term graduate level courses must be taken from the approved list of core graduate courses.
    • Only two out of the eight courses can be 500-level
  • An English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS) technical/professional course is normally required for all students who were not English Language Proficiency (ELP) exempt at the time of admission. (ELP exemptions).  This course is normally taken in the first term of the program. (English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS))
  • Academic Integrity Quiz
  • Attend at least four MME Department research seminars

For information on department seminars please visit the MME Department Seminar web page.

To receive credit for attending the Department Seminars

Workshops provided by the Centre for Career Action are a great tool and strongly recommended for all students to utilize

Degree completion

  • Approximately one month before you intend to degree complete you will need to apply for graduation through Quest.
  • You will not be able to apply to degree complete in a given term until that term has started.