Waterloo's Master of Public Health (MPH) program is mainly a course-based curriculum. In order to graduate, students are required to complete the following:

  • Foundations course (on-campus for two weeks)
  • Seven core courses 
  • Three electives
  • 1 practicum (consisting of 420 hours)
  • Capstone course (on-campus for two weeks)

There is no research/thesis option.

The Foundation and Capstone courses in the program are held on UW campus as 2-week summer block courses. The Foundation course is held in late August, while the Capstone course will occur in the spring of a student's graduating year. The remaining MPH courses for full-time and part-time students are supported by self-directed learning and offered through online or blended (on-campus and online) formats.

The MPH degree will be completed within 2 years for full-time students (3 terms per year). Part-time students must complete their degree within 4 years of initial program entry. All graduate students must maintain continuous registration for each term of the program.

While in the program, students should expect to spend 12-15 hr/week on each course. For a full-time student that means they will spend up to 45 hours/week on coursework. Additional program information is available on the University's Graduate Studies Office webpages.

Still not sure if public health is for you? Learn more about it with our public health primer (.pdf).

Course offerings

For course descriptions please visit the course calendar.

** Please note the subject code changes from PHS to HLTH.  The Graduate calendar will update PHS to HLTH September 2018. 


Course offerings

Core courses

Fall term HLTH/PHS 602A Foundations of Public Health (August)
  HLTH/PHS 604 Public Health and the Environment
  HLTH/PHS 605B Quant. Methods & Analysis in Public Health
  HLTH/PHS 607 Public Health & Society I
Winter term HLTH/PHS 606B Principles of Epidemiology
  HLTH/PHS 608 Health and Risk Communication
  HLTH/PHS 609 Management and Administration
  PHS 641 Public Health Practicum
Spring term HLTH/PHS 603 Health Policy in Public Health
  HLTH/PHS 602B Capstone

Stream courses

Sociobehavioural Focus*

Spring term HLTH/PHS 617 Population Intervention for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Fall term HLTH/PHS 614 Program Evaluation

Stream courses

Environmental Health Sciences Focus*

Winter term HLTH/624 Environmental Toxicology
Spring term HLTH/634 Environmental Epidemiology

Elective courses

Always refer to the Graduate Schedule of classes for each term to see offered electives.  The term of offer for electives may be subject to change.
Fall term HLTH/PHS 623 Risk and Exposure Assessment
  HLTH/PHS 632 Health Economics & Public Health
  HLTH/PHS 635 Public Health, Environment and Planning
  HLTH/PHS 661 GIS and Public Health
Winter term HLTH/PHS 624 Environment Toxicology
  INDV 603 Global Health (offered through Environment Faculty)
Spring term HLTH/PHS 631 Public Health Surveillance
  HLTH/PHS 634 Environmental Epidemiology
  HLTH/PHS 636 Applied Epidemiology
  HLTH/PHS 638 Selected Topics in Public Health - Social Justice
  HLTH/PHS 638 Selected Topics in Public Health - Environmental Approaches to Physical Activity Promotion
  HLTH/PHS 663 Human Development and Health

*Courses in the sociobehavioural or environmental health sciences focus areas can be taken by any student as an elective but are required for students in the sociobehavioural or environmental health sciences stream.

All MPH students are required to take three electives to graduate. There are many electives offered so students can take the electives best suited to their interests and career goals. 

Course sequences are available below for viewing. These sequences are subject to change but can be used as reference for planning your future terms.

General stream:

General Stream - Full-time   

General Stream - Part-time

Sociobehavioural stream:

Sociobehavioural Stream - Full-time

Sociobehavioural Stream - Part-time

Environmental Health Sciences stream:

Environmental Health Sciences Stream - Full-time

Environmental Health Sciences Stream - Part-time