PhD preparing to graduate

It is your responsibility to be aware of all academic deadlines for Convocation.

Below are the next steps you need to complete to graduate:

  1. Review the deadlines on Graduate Studies Academic Calendar for program completion deadline for convocation.
  2. Check your unofficial transcripts to ensure all of your marks and milestones are reported correctly.
  3. Optional - If you are pursuing a graduate research field from the below list, please ensure you complete the Field Declaration Form found on LEARN and submit it to the associate director and the graduate coordinator before you apply to graduate for approval.
    1. Aging and Health
    2. Epidemiology and Biostatistics
    3. Global Health
    4. Health and Environment
    5. Health Evaluation
    6. Health Informatics
    7. Work and Health
  4. Apply to graduate on Quest.
    1. Select 'Self Service'
    2. Select 'Degree Progress/Graduation'
    3. Select 'Apply for Graduation'
      You will be able to view your graduation status in this tab.
  5. Follow the UWSpace Guide and upload your thesis to UWSpace, this can take three to five business days. Please ensure you are within the program completion deadline for convocation for the term.
  6. Ensure you return all keys and fobs to the graduate coordinator in LHN 2707.