Order of St. Lazarus Bursary

Value: 1 bursary of $750
Application: Common

This bursary was established in 2012 through a gift from The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. The purpose of the Order of St. Lazarus Ecumenical Bursaries is to provide financial support and/or tuition assistance to students. Renison University College is an affiliated Anglican College of the University of Waterloo. Since its founding in 1959, Renison has dedicated itself to encouraging students to excel academically and to develop a commitment to serve the local, national, and international community.

The St. Lazarus Bursary will be granted to a student who has shown an active interest in ecumenism and can demonstrate financial need.

To be eligible for this bursary, a student must: 

  1. be registered with Renison and taking at least 2 Renison courses at the time of application
  2. be in good academic standing (75%)
  3. be able to demonstrate financial need
  4. have demonstrated an interest in ecumenism 
  5. be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  6. have resided in Ontario for at least 12 consecutive months prior to commencement of their post-secondary studies; OR have a parent(s), step-parent(s), legal guardian(s), or official sponsor(s) who have been residents in Ontario for at least 12 consecutive months up to the commencement of their full-time post-secondary studies; OR have a spouse who was not enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies during the past 12 months, but who qualifies under the residency requirements above