Professor Rob Case helps a student

About Honours Arts and Business

Combine your passion for social sciences with business. Without the limitations of a traditional business program, Arts and Business with a major in SDS allows you to graduate with expertise in both areas!

Social services organizations do not run themselves. They need people who bring business skills to the table. Taking courses in marketing, economics, and entrepreneurship will broaden your horizons as you learn how to adapt your passion for social change to real-world organizations.

You can even do co-op with SDS in Honours Arts and Business! Learn more at our SDS co-op page. 

Who can take Honours Arts and Business?

Honours Arts and Business is available as a co-op or regular program for Waterloo students. It starts in first year so you can apply directly to Honours Arts and Business on your application. The program is offered by the Faculty of Arts at Waterloo but is available at Renison.