Honours Arts

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About Honours Arts

Did you know you can study Social Development Studies (SDS) in Honours Arts? Honours Arts gives you the opportunity to explore any of the 24 majors it offers, and then you can declare SDS at the end of your first year. It also lets you combine your SDS major with many other options, such as minors, specialization or another major! You can study humanities, social sciences, fine and performing arts, and languages and cultures, all while studying SDS.

You can even do co-op with SDS in Honours Arts! Learn more at our SDS co-op page.

Honours Arts will help you develop your talents, such as analyzing issues, making persuasive arguments, writing well, and speaking with conviction.

Who can take Honours Arts?

Honours Arts is available to regular or part-time Waterloo students. It starts in first year so you can apply directly to Honours Arts on your application. The program is offered by the Faculty of Arts at Waterloo but is available at Renison.

Student stories

Recent graduates

French Teacher Wellington Heights Secondary School
Recruiter Kik Interactive
Assistant Video Editor Ubisoft Toronto
Copy Editor and Designer Booker Publishing
Project Manager AOL Canada
President Barg Management Inc.
Lawyer Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP
Teacher Upper Grand District School Board
Account Executive, Higher Education Apple Canada
Program Manager Microsoft Corporation

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