REEP Green Solutions Spring News

Thursday, March 14, 2024

REEP Green Solutions logo graphic of green house and words.With the first day of spring just around the corner, we're all excited to step outside and begin planting again.  Speaking of planting, REEP is currently accepting applications for the spring season of their Backyard Tree Planting program, open to residents of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph.

More REEP programs and fundraising initiatives for this spring follow:

Photo of cardboard boxes filled with a variety of plants.

REEP's Bloom{in}Box Sale is Live! 
Bloom{in} Box fundraiser is now available to pre-order.  

Order your Bloom{in}Box Today!
Choose from three boxes: Bloom{in Sun} for spots that get 6+ hours of sun; Bloom{in Shade} for shady areas; and Bloom{in Rain} for your rain garden! 

  • The native plants in each box will fill your garden with beauty from spring through fall.
  • Plantings cover approximately two square meters
  • Native plants attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your yard throughout each season.

Learn With REEP This Spring 

On-line Webinars include:

Photo of a small garden with a sapling tree planted.

Plant a Tree in Your Yard This Spring  

Backyard Tree Planting program. 

  • Each tree comes with a consultation, full planting service, and a care guide to ensure your tree not ony gets planted but thrives.
  • This year a new species is being introduced - the Kentucky Coffee Tree.
  • Apply for the Backyard Tree Planting Program

Poster advertising the REEP Open House on March 27, 2024.Learn More About The Reep House

Interested in seeing the Reep House in action? Join us on March 27th for an Open House at 20 Mill St. from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. This event is open to everyone and there's no registration required. Stop by to chat with our Reep Tour Guides to learn about all of the Reep House's features.

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