The PhD program in Sustainability Management requires the completion of four courses plus program milestones: professional skills milestones, the comprehensive examination , the PhD thesis proposal, and the thesis examination. The expected time to completion is four (4) years. A student is expected to be in residence until the time they have completed the thesis proposal (end of fifth term).

Course Requirements

A student is required to take two core courses, as well as two elective courses at the graduate level:

  • SUSM 701: Advanced theories (0.5-unit weight)
  • SUSM 702: Research design and methods (0.5-unit weight)
  • Two elective graduate courses (totalling 1.0-unit weight).

A student is required to maintain an overall average of 75% in the course phase to remain in good standing in the program. Elective courses should be selected in consultation with the supervisor. Reading courses may be used as electives but should be discussed with the supervisor. A list of suggested electives is provided by SEED.

Professional Skills Milestones

Each student must complete two professional skills milestones. Normally milestones should be completed before the comprehensive examination.

A student can propose a milestone or choose from a list of approved milestones. Milestone selection should be discussed with the supervisor. Milestones may include professional courses, workshops, events or training, whether online or in-person, offered by industry, professional associations, government or third sector organisations.

After completion of a professional skills milestone, a student shall write a one-page report describing the milestone, its value to the student, and provide a recommendation to the program regarding the merits of the milestone for future PhD students. This report will be assessed by the Associate Director Graduate Studies, and if acceptable, the milestone will be approved for the student. As appropriate, the Associate Director may add the milestone to the list of approved professional skills milestones.

Advisory Committee

After the comprehensive examination, the student and the supervisor(s) will discuss additional advisory committee members. The supervisor(s) can then approach these members and forms the committee. Normally, the membership of the advisory committee should align with University requirements of the PhD thesis examining committee.

The first meeting of the doctoral advisory committee is to be held within three months of the comprehensive examination. A PhD advisory committee form is then signed by all committee members and the student, and submitted to the Associate Director, Graduate Studies.

Progress Report

The student and the supervisor shall complete an annual progress report submitted to the Associate Director, Graduate Studies.

Comprehensive Examination
PhD Thesis