International Study Trip

Welcome to the Winter 2023 International Study Trip! This term, our class is headed to Singapore for an unforgettable experience. For planning, our class was split into four teams, corporate relations, meals and logistics, management, and marketing and culture. We’re the marketing and culture team, and we’re so excited to have you here with us as we embark on this journey!  

Our team members are made up of Jeffrey, Khushboo, and Soham. We are looking forward to sharing our insights and letting you in on what goes into coordinating a virtual international study trip course. Throughout the term, we, the Logistics team, have been dedicated to ensuring our class meetings and future interview meetings run optimally. Through proper planning, organizing, and being adaptable, we make it logistically feasible for the class to be able to meet diverse industry executives from around the world.

Our team includes Johnson, Yahya, Evelyn, Mehek, and Waleed. We are excited to share our experiences on what happens behind the scenes when a group of bold, inquisitive, and ambitious students seek to reach out to notable executives from companies around the world. In general, our team’s main goal is to ensure that students on the virtual trip meet professionals from diverse industries to gain insights and learn from their experiences.

On our stellar team of enthusiastic and creative individuals we have Jia Lei, Neha, Samanvitha, and Stefania! Our roles in the M&C team are to create the best possible experiences for our fellow travellers by cultivating opportunities to build connections, all while showing off the amazing work being done throughout the term.

Throughout the meetings we had during the week of the AFM 415: International Study Course to New York City, I had the opportunity to interview professionals from a variety of industries ranging from accounting, finance, consulting and entrepreneurs.

Photo of Matthew
Often, I believe sports fans are too critical on their respective teams without truly understanding the logistics behind managing them. Which is why it was awesome to gain insight towards the challenges, struggles, and excitement of being part of managing such a major league sports team from  Assistant General Manager (GM) Don Fishman of the Washington Capitals.