International Study Trip

As a team, we have a wide range of responsibilities, such as creating engaging social media content, planning weekend excursions, diving deep into Vietnamese culture and customs, and — most importantly — taking you along for the ride through entertaining updates on social media!

Hi everyone!

We are the meals and logistics team for the Spring 2023 International Study Course trip. Our team consists of Munrina, Tommy, Julianna, and Simerjot. As part of the meals and logistics team, our objective is to ensure that the trip runs smoothly and safely as we travel across Indonesia.

Hello fellow Warriors,

Welcome to the Spring 2023 International Study Course. This term, students are divided into two groups heading to Indonesia and Vietnam, and we’re here to introduce ourselves as the corporate relations team for the Indonesia trip!

Hello and Selamat (“Welcome” in Bahasa, the official language of Indonesia)!

The Spring 2023 International Study Course is excited to have two destinations this summer in the heart of Southeast Asia - Vietnam and Indonesia. This term, our class is heading to Indonesia!

Sharing what the team has been up to in preparing for the International Study Course trip to Singapore.

Only a couple of weeks ago, the itinerary for the International Study Course trip to Singapore was completely empty. Now, with the marketing and culture team finding the best places to visit, the logistics team figuring out travel, and our corporate relations team setting up meetings, the trip is looking jam-packed!

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Three tips for travelling abroad

The meals and logistics team for the International Study Course share their travel advice.

At the end of the winter 2023 term, professor Steve Balaban and our class will be going to Singapore for the International Study Course trip. While in Singapore, we will be meeting with alumni as well as other dignitaries to help further enhance our learning.

Welcome to the Winter 2023 trip to Singapore! This term, our class has been divided into four teams; corporate relations, meals and logistics, management, and marketing and culture. We are the corporate relations team, coming to you from the International Study Trip classroom! Our team consists of Alan, Aryaman, Ryan, and Vireshaar. We are incredibly excited to have you along with us for this trip.

Hello everyone! 
This is Matt from the management team of the AFM 334: Winter 2023 Singapore International Study Trip. Today, I would love to tell you more about my role on the management team and give you a little bit of insight into the extensive student-led planning that goes into organizing an educational, productive, and most importantly fun overseas experience.

Hi all! We are the meal and logstics team for the Winter 2023 International Study Trip. Our team consists of Coco, Irene, Melissa, and Samantha. As part of the meal and logistics team, our primary objective is to ensure that the trip operates smoothly and safely as we travel across Singapore. Our roles can be grouped into two core sections: (1) organize the trip schedule (2) lead the students throughout Singapore once we arrive! 

1. What’s your favourite part about being on the meals and logistics team?