Contacts for Co-op matters

Job search/Employment
Description Contact Email
1st work term Career advisor (on WaterlooWorks) Students should look for their "Service Team" in WaterlooWorks and use the 'send a message' button in WaterlooWorks (not email)
2nd work term and higher Co-op advisor (name on WaterlooWorks)

PD courses
Description Contact Email
Course Course instructor/TA Course page

Registration and general questions about the PD program

Joy Harris

Co-op sequences
Description Contact Email
Sequence change (moving work terms) Academic advisor  
Students should review page 2 of the Academic/Work Term Sequence Change Form for guidance

Students should work with their Co-op Advisor (or other key supporters) to articulate specific details for their request/situation. General questions or additional petition support can be delivered to Kirsty Budd (