Submit A Post for SciSpace Community (LEARN)

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Background and Criteria

SciSpace posts go up on Wednesday at 10 am. It is recommended to send in your submission at least one week before the event date.

All current science undergraduate students are included in the SciSpace community in LEARN. This community group is one of the communication tools used to share information about events and opportunities for increasing academic skills, professional and personal growth, as well as for sharing any important reminders. 

SciSpace will be accepting images or 'posters' to be placed alongside your post in the SciSpace Bulletin Board, however media will not be shown in the announcement feed.

Criteria to Post on SciSpace

  • Content
    • Should contribute and enhance a student’s development within academic, professional, or personal areas
    • Should be related to science, the Faculty of Science, or science students
  • Location
    • Held on campus by organizations / groups affiliated with the University of Waterloo and their partners
    • Opportunities held off campus should be affiliated with the University of Waterloo or be approved by the University
  • Inclusivity
    • Inclusive and accessible to all science students
    • Opportunities targeted toward a particular program should be mentioned in their submission
      • Submissions catered towards a small group of students may be posted on the SciSpace Bulletin Board, but they may not be selected for newsfeed highlights
  • Cost
    • Opportunities should be free to students
    • Events with a cost will be considered on affordability

Criteria for Images


  • Images must be relevant and display key information related to the opportunity

  • You may submit posters, logos, images, or other visual medi

  • Images may contain QR codes 

Fundraising event poster incorrect format

This image does not follow the scispace criteria


  • PDF, JPEG, and PNG files

  • Any other files that are submitted will not be considered

  • Should be in a 1:1 square format for best display (other sizes are fine but may not display properly)

Career Leader Appointments Poster

This image follows the scispace criteria.

What Can I Advertise on SciSpace?

  1. Events
  2. Surveys
  3. Volunteer Opportunities
  4. Academic/Research Information
  5. Competitions
  6. Workshops
  7. Scholarships and Awards

Post Submissions

If you have determined that your event meets most of the criteria above, please fill in the webform below. 

There is no guarantee that your event/information will be posted considering the number of submissions, and timing of each post. The information submitted may also be altered/edited. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Science Engagement in the Science Undergraduate Office.