Information for students receiving a Policy 71 allegation

The following information is intended to help students understand the process that normally occurs when an allegation has been made under Policy 71 – Student Discipline. This information does not override or supersede Policy 71. There will be cases that, by their nature, require treatment that differs from the process described below.

Consistent with Policy 71, students are entitled to:

  • a presumption of innocence unless the contrary is established;
  • be made aware of the case against him/her;
  • have matters addressed fairly and expeditiously;
  • be accompanied by a support person to any meeting with administrators and to any hearing;
  • have matters heard by those who are not sitting in judgment of their own actions or decisions;
  • know, respond to and seek clarification of evidence presented by witnesses; and
  • decisions based on the balance of probabilities with consideration given to consistency and University precedent.

The following steps normally occur when resolving a student discipline matter:

  1. Potential Informal Resolution Proposal: A Policy 71 matter may be settled informally either with the instructor or the Associate Dean.
  2. Formal Investigation: The student receives a Policy 71 allegation by email or requests a formal resolution after receiving an informal resolution proposal. The Associate Dean will conduct a thorough investigation of the evidence received and the student's response, if applicable.
  3. Receiving a Discipline Decision: The Associate Dean will make a decision based on the evidence acquired during a formal investigation and issue a discipline summary, which outlines the final decision and assigned penalties, if applicable.
  4. Option to Appeal a Discipline Decision: The student has the option to appeal a formal Policy 71 discipline decision if they have sufficient grounds for an appeal.

If you have any questions about this process or would like to view the evidence associated with an allegation, please contact Aziza Chaudhry.