How well do you know the UWSA?

So far, 354 people have taken our UWSA quiz and the results have been very interesting. We thought we’d share some of the facts that UWSA members collectively knew best—and didn’t know.

But first: Congratulations to Jennifer Murray and Sarah Landy on winning the prize draw. We hope you enjoy your Canada’s Wonderland visit and gift card!

Best-known facts

  1. 97% of you knew that UWSA represents the largest employee group on campus, though the actual number was a surprise to many of you. We represent more than 3,000 employees in salary discussions, policy development, committee appointments, and member advocacy.
  2. 95% knew that UWSA members are granted “special consideration” to attend UWSA annual meetings and Area Reps meetings. And most got it right that your supervisor can't stop you from participating in the Staff Association, as long as it’s not interfering with your work.
  3. 88% answered correctly that serving as president or a director comes with release time from your regular duties. Find out more about that in our president and director role descriptions.
  4. 87% of you knew that not all staff are members of the UWSA – but only 61% knew that you have to be a member to access our services!
  5. Not quite as strong, but a solid 59% of quiz participants knew that UWSA representatives have 50% of the votes at Staff Relations Committee, where policies affecting staff working conditions are approved, among other things.

Least-known facts

  1. We’ll have to properly re-introduce our staff to everyone soon: As of March this year, UWSA now has three full-time staff members, plus the president on a one-year secondment. The three UWSA staff are Gail Spencer, executive manager; Laura McDonald, communications officer; and Carly Richardson, membership and volunteer coordinator.
  2. We’ll forgive you for not knowing this relatively obscure bit of trivia: Only 35% answered (or guessed) correctly that the UWSA has nine elected board members. Two of those seats will be up for election this fall: attend an info session on September 19 to find out what’s involved!
  3. Combined, just over 50% of quiz-takers put the president’s term at either one or three years, and both answers counted as correct. The successful presidential candidate serves a year as president-elect, learning the ropes, then one year as full-time president, and a third year as past president. (Interested in running for president? Learn more at our September 13 info session!)
  4. Only 22% got this one right: Not just members and their kids, but also spouses and grandchildren can apply for UWSA undergraduate and graduate scholarships up to $1000!
  5. Apparently, we need to spread the word that, under our Memorandum of Agreement with the University, grievances (complaints) can be filed by an individual staff member, a group of staff, or the Association. Only 48% knew that a group of staff could do that.
  6. Finally, only 15% answered correctly that the UWSA manages approximately 100 committee appointments, both internally and across UW. This was one of the most common answers in the “one thing you learned” box, and we’re glad you did, because it’s a very important way in which we help shape our shared workplace! If any of the committees listed below interest you, talk to us about how you can get involved and when there might be an opening!

More about committee appointments

We appoint members to one or more (usually more) seats on:

UWSA committees

  • Finance Committee (6)
  • Governance and Nominating Committee (7)
  • Appointments (7)
  • Fundraising and social committee
  • Staff Compensation Strategy Committee (8)
  • Staff Excellence Fund (6)
  • Staff Enhancement Grant (5)

UW and joint committees

  • Academic Integrity Advisory
  • Accessibility
  • Advisory Committee on Inclusive Physical Space Design
  • Advisory Committee on Traffic Violations and Parking
  • Appeal Committee on Property Infractions
  • Copyright Advisory
  • Dean nominating committees
  • Dispute Resolution Pool (6)
  • Employee Assistance Program (2)
  • Equity Data Advisory Group
  • Healthy Workplace Steering Committee
  • Joint Health & Safety (9)
  • Pension & Benefits (2)
  • Pension Investment
  • Policy drafting committees (currently 4)
  • Provost's Advisory Committee on Staff Compensation (4)
  • SIEF Selection
  • Staff Relations (7)
  • Wellness Collaborative Advisory