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Do you want to make an impact? GreenHouse is a community for innovators who want to create social or environmental change.  

You can engage with this community in three main ways:

  • Attend a Discovery Lab, where innovators engage with organizations to find meaningful problems to work on. 

  • Join a Workplace Innovation Team, where innovators work with a host organizations to solve identified problems. 

  • Join the Innovators in Residence Program, where student innovators receive mentorship, training, and funding to launch their own project or venture. 

Elle and Richard share their GreenHouse stories. You can do more to shape the world as well.

What's Coming Up?

Social Impact Showcase

Winners of the Social Impact FundEvery term, GreenHouse hosts the Social Impact Showcase, a celebration of impactful innovations and ventures.  At the Showcase, you’ll hear stories from our Workplace Innovation Teams and Innovators in Residence and we’ll be awarding grants from our Social Impact Fund.  Visit back in the Fall to find more information about the next Showcase!

Discovery Labs

Every term, GreenHouse hosts a Discovery Lab focused on exploring different themed problem spaces to fuel ideas for new project. These Labs cover various topics from the campus mental health system, to pollution prevention to improving the lives of people living mith MS and Dementia. Our next Showcase will be in Fall 2019. 



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We're located at St. Paul's University College, 190 Westmount Rd N, Waterloo

GreenHouse Director: Tania Del Matto

Program Manager and Startup Coach: Brendan Wylie-Toal

Design and Innovation Coordinator: Anne Filion

Event Planning and Promotion Coordinator: Grace McKinnon