2016 GreenHouse Fellows

Be Purposeful

Meet the 2016 GreenHouse Fellows, winners of the Big Ideas Challenge for Social Good:

Nikhil Jagga Nikhil Jagga (Habit Insights) – A simple low-tech solution to help you create positive habits by developing self-awareness
Tina Chan Tina Chan (PASS Kit) – Developing and selling a mental health first aid kit, a tangible solution for mental health issues and stress management on campuses and workplaces
Zied Etleb

Zied Etleb (Curiato) – An adjustable smart mattress that automatically redistributes pressure to prevent bedsores and provides data to health care providers

Sharita Henry Sharita Henry (SUNSHINE) – Integrating support systems for youth living with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Nia Rajamohan Nayani Rajamohan (Saakshi Innovations) – Organizing South East Asian classical performing art workshops and performances for therapeutic purposes
Renata Burns Renata Burns (AdNature) – A website to make it easier for people in the Waterloo region to find outdoor recreational activities
Richard Norton Richard Norton (EcoArtCo) – Using public art installations to teach people about local food systems and sustainability
Richard Yim Richard Yim (The Landmine Boys) – Building an autonomous machine to defuse landmines safely in Cambodia
Joanna Hausen Joanna Hausen (Bee Balm) – Healthy, natural, and ethically sourced skin care products with repurposed waste materials
Timothy Lipp

Timothy Lipp (Stoke) – Creating microenterprises in Kenya around clean cook stoves

Libro logoThe 2016 GreenHouse Fellowship Program is supported by the Libro Prosperity Fund



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