Where will the future of AI Take Us?

Monday, January 30, 2023

Where will the future of AI Take Us?

Machine Learning visualization of biodiversity

On January 24, the Office of Research hosted a panel discussion on understanding where Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take us. Panelists from the Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute (Waterloo.AI), and industry professionals spoke about AI's current and future uses.

“We want to focus more broadly than ChatGPT and talk about a variety of areas that AI is influencing society and in areas where AI is influencing society positively,” notes Dean Charmaine, Vice-President, Research and International, University of Waterloo.

The event showcased how AI may influence everything from food quality to the future of healthcare, storytelling and Virtual Reality, to Chatbots, customer service and routine requests.

"As a university, it is always important to stay at the forefront and to be part of conversations around current technology use and technological evolutions and inventions," says Christine McWebb, Director of the Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business. “We work closely with industry and government to discuss how we may adopt new technologies such as AI, as it becomes more widely used, as it will in the near future.