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Filip Jadczak

GBDA Alumni, 2017

filip's headshotUX Designer, Magnet Forensics

GBDA was the only program that could combine Filip’s range of interests in digital media, photography and programming. 

Why did you choose the GBDA program?

When I was in high school, I really enjoyed my courses which involved digital media, photography, and programming. I wasn't sure yet which field exactly I wanted to go into, and GBDA was the only program I could find that really combined all my interests. Being in GBDA allowed me to build my skills in multiple areas and eventually find what I'm really passionate about. During that time, I was also interested in all the resources available in the Stratford campus, which turned out be really useful throughout my studies at UW.

Give a short description of what your position entails.

At Focus21, we custom build digital platforms with purpose for our clients. My work involves conducting user research and analysis to understand the end-users of our platforms, and designing solutions that work for them. I build out the information architecture and overall structure while incorporating direct feedback from our clients. In collaboration with the rest of the design team, I create wireframes and design prototypes as well.

Who was your GBDA internship employer?


What was your GBDA internship position?

UX Design Intern

How did your internship experience help you enter the workforce?

My internship really got me to apply my design skills in a practical setting. I got really good at using design software such as Sketch and understanding UI design from a systems perspective. I also had regular communication with clients on my project and learned how to design a product when multiple stakeholders are involved.

Which GBDA class helped you the most in pursuing your career goals and why?

I think GBDA 402 was the course that really helped solidify my understanding of the kind of work I want to do in the future and gave me the chance to work on some really cool projects. Because we worked in teams, I was able to focus on the UX side of the digital products we were creating and further build out my skills in this area. Having this practice in conducting in-context user research and usability testing, as well as designing digital prototypes, really helped prepare me for my career. Having to write a business plan for our final project also made us make design decisions based in realism and helped round out my understanding of product design.

What’s the most important skill that you learned in GBDA that has been essential to your career?

The ability to quickly teach myself new skills in order to make awesome projects come to life.

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