Elizabeth Beach explains the importance of giving back for Giving Tuesday

Thursday, November 17, 2022
Elizabeth Beach accepting award

Elizabeth Beach recently won the Cronk-Mastin scholarship at the Stanley Knowles lecture to highlight her dedication to her academics and thank her for being a great leader at United College. Elizabeth lived in United College residence last year and is currently in her 2A term of geography and environmental management pursuing Geomatics as a career.

United College is a place she calls home and explains that this is unanimous for others who reside there. Elizabeth notes that one of the most important things for students to have enough funding to make their university experience unforgettable is community events. Elizabeth explains how floor events and community dinners help students to get to know people in college. Elizabeth says for her, the best part about United College is how the tight-knit community atmosphere allowed her to make lifelong friends.

United College is 'where everybody knew everybody.'

Elizabeth Beach

Elizabeth notes that with every donation, there is an opportunity given for students to have a more enjoyable experience through scholarships that can further their academic goals.

By donating to the college, you’re helping students like myself have a more enjoyable first year experience by funding community events and college improvements.

Elizabeth Beach