United College and St. Jerome’s University Initiate Library Collection Partnership

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

by Rebecca Wagner, Director of External Relations

Richard Myers and Peter Meehan signing papers in the St. Jeromes Library

The university colleges at the University of Waterloo have a deep history of collaboration and offer a rich tradition of social connection and community in support of students as they progress on their academic journeys.  

In an example of the type of partnership the university colleges are known for, staff, faculty, alum, and students from United College and St. Jerome’s University came together on May 3, 2023, to officially launch an exciting new academic collaboration.  

As quality academic programs need quality library resources, United College and St. Jerome’s have partnered to provide, and host, two brand-new collections.  

The Brenda Simpson Collection in Indigenous Studies and The Helga Mills Collection in Human Rights will be permanently housed at the newly renovated St. Jerome’s library.     

The collections are named after individuals with strong ties to the United College community and rich histories of service.  Brenda Simpson, a former United College Board Chair and current member of the university’s Indigenous Advisory Circle, has a life-long passion for educating others.  Helga Mills, a former Principal of United College, lived a life dedicated to the principles of social justice, championing women’s rights and the rights of all the oppressed.  

St. Jerome's University is excited to partner with United College on these two significant collections. As part of our Strategic Plan, these initiatives directly support our mandate to build an equitable, diverse, inclusive community. St. Jerome's is committed to preparing future leaders that can contribute positively to the common good of society, and this speaks to how we are going about this important work.

Peter Meehan, President and Vice-Chancellor of St. Jerome’s University

The housing of this shared library collection is a mutually beneficial arrangement for United College and St. Jerome’s, with substantial value-add for students.  

United College is responsible for financing the new collections, which align with the academic and institutional mission of both institutions.  In return, St. Jerome’s will host and manage the collections in its lovely new facility.  This library of resources is accessible to students based at the university colleges and is available for all University of Waterloo students across the university’s various campuses.

This partnership highlights the best of what both institutions have to offer. Working closely with our friends and neighbours to create value and lasting impact for students is part of what makes the university college experience unique.  I look forward to future collaborations that further our respective mandates and enhance students’ academic journeys.

Rick Myers, United College Principal

These collections are hosted in a spirit of partnership and collaboration, in recognition of a shared commitment to helping students thrive and are offered in the name of two exceptional individuals who live and lived, by these very values.    

Article originally published in the University of Waterloo’s “Daily Bulletin” on May 23rd, 2023 (here).