Sami Iskandar

Manager, Marketing and Communication

Sami Iskandar is a graduate of Schulich school of business, and a master graduate of business, entrepreneurship, and technology from the faculty of Engineering at the university of Waterloo. Sami has long held the beliefs that it is one’s duty and privilege to serve and help others, and in so doing come to frame the best course of action forward.

Sami continues to demonstrate his beliefs through his actions and involvement in the not-for-profit organizations. Having come from a background in the for-profit sector, spanning from retail, technology, telecommunications, and banking. Sami hopes to concentrates his knowledge learned and experiences shared to help assist and bridge the disparity between such organizations and the not-for-profit health and education sector.

Currently the head of marketing at St. Paul’s university college at the university of Waterloo, Sami’s hope is that by contributing to programs such as the Greenhouse Startup Incubator community, International Development, and the Waterloo Indigenous student centre, that the future generation of students are better equipped to confront the challenged that lie ahead.